Andrew Mccarthy, a Right-wing Anti-Trumper Admits that Officer Sicknick Was Not Killed by a Fire-extinguisher During the Pro-Trump Capitol Hill Riot.

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Andrew Mccarthy a right-wing Anti-Trumper admits that Officer Sicknick was not killed by a fire-extinguisher during the pro-Trump Capitol Hill Riot.
Sicknick was able to get back to his office from the siege, later told his brother he was in good shape despite being pepper-sprayed, and bore no signs of blunt-force trauma, why maintain this assertion? After all, the Times has updated its story because the story, as originally published, was misleading. And the Democratic House managers — after resting their allegation solely on the Times’ dubious fire-extinguisher claim — essentially steered clear of the circumstances surrounding Sicknick’s death during their impeachment trial presentation.
Irrespective of whether impeachment had ever been pursued, it is vital that we have an accurate accounting of what happened on January 6, including an accurate accounting of what happened to Officer Brian Sicknick. And since impeachment was pursued, we are also owed an explanation of why the House managers did not clarify the circumstances of Sicknick’s death after making an explosive allegation about how it came to pass.
Elsewhere in the article Mccarthy states:
The death of Officer Sicknick became a building block for the House’s impeachment of former President Trump and of the allegations posited by the Democratic House impeachment managers that were publicly filed in their pretrial brief on February 2. By then, there was already substantial reason to question the fire-extinguisher allegation.

Comment on the story

As spelled out in “‘More died in two weeks of peace with Dubai than in 70 years of war with them‘” Trump’s peace policies were harmful to Israel, even though I believe Trump mistakenly thought he was doing a good deed. Given what we know today, I would still boycott the elections if there was a rematch between Trump and Biden.
Nevertheless, I think since Trump reduced the punishment of some religious Jews who were given excessive punishment for their crimes, he too, should be repaid, measure for measure and freed from indirect responsibility for the death of Sicknick. Secondly, the same media that unfairly accused Trump of murder of the police officer could easily decide to target others that are actually living in accordance with Torah principles.