An Insurance Policy For Someone Who Still Has His Doubts

Dovid: Answer for me this question, Pavlov. If you owned a building worth millions, how much do you think, you’d be willing to pay for insurance?

Pavlov: If I had the money, I’ll be willing to pay out a small percentage of the true value for lifetime coverage. More than ten percent or less, would be dependent on my assessment of the pluses and minuses in the particular case.

Dovid: When you pay out the insurance money, do you expect that fire or some other damage will afflict your building?

Pavlov: No, but if the insurance is not too expensive, it pays to buy it. In that way, I’d be absolutely sure that I would always have my building or the equivalent in insurance money.

Dovid: If Hashem really acts in the way that Judaism says he acts and you keep up your present lifestyle, you realize the consequences. To better your fate, why not buy a little spiritual insurance? In this case, if the Jews were right about Hashem, your interests would be taken care of. In other words, if you admit there’s even a small probability that Judaism is true, it pays for you to make a small investment to cover this eventuality.

Pavlov: What type of investment?

Dovid: Spend a couple of weeks in yeshiva, studying Torah. Once in Yeshiva, you could learn what’s the minimum required to be a Jew in good standing and then you could act on that basis.

I also urge you to attend a special short seminar sponsored by Yeshiva Aish Hatora where solid statistical evidence is offered ( that has convinced even military officials involved in deciphering codes) that meaningful codes do exist in the Bible.

To find out information about the seminar (Discovery program) and other short term programs, you can call the Yeshiva by phone (Israel’s country code is 972) area code (02)- 6272355 .

Pavlov: This sounds too demanding.

Dovid: In Judaism, we have a saying: According to the discomfort is the reward!

Pavlov: One final question , I have. Can you tell me what is the Jewish viewpoint concerning Heaven ?

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