According to Naftali Bennett’s Strategic Adviser, Bennett Decided To Betray His Core Party Platform at the Very Outset

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Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid  reports the accusation by גל בייסברג Gal Baisberg, Naftali Bennett’s strategic advisor in the last election,  that Naftali Bennett had planned the deal to become Prime Minister with a mere six seats in Parliament, even before Israel went to the fourth round of election campaigns.

Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has long argued that his coronation as Prime Minister was made out of choice due to the political situation and the desire to prevent a fifth election.

Gal Baisberg, who worked with the outgoing prime minister in the previous election round, revealed in Ayala Hasson’s program on News 13 that Bennett had planned the move long before.

According to Baisberg: “The political deal was forged during the campaign, I was told that even with five seats Bennett would be prime minister…”

“Even though Bennett promised not to go with Lapid, he knew it was not true. Naftali and I broke up when I realized that my right-wing strategic plan would not materialize – and he knew he was going to be Prime Minister with five seats.”

A Lesson to be Learned

Assuming the accusation is correct and the fact that Bennett said a few days ago he prefers a centrist government over a right-wing government seems to support the accusation, we should learn the following lesson. Namely, some type of change in the election system in Israel has to be enacted to make it harder for political leaders to lie about their future policies. Each individual member of the Knesset (Parliament) should have to face direct and frequent elections and not get his job merely because of being high up on a party list (owing his loyalty only to the Party Boss), which is the system currently in place in the land of Israel.

Regarding the Dispersal of the Wicked

The dispersal of the wicked, so that they are not found in close proximity to each other, is beneficial to them, as they are less likely to provoke each other to sin, and it is beneficial to the world. The dispersal of the righteous is detrimental to them and detrimental to the world. The assembly of the wicked in one place is detrimental to them and detrimental to the world, while the assembly of the righteous is beneficial to them and beneficial to the world. The tranquility of the wicked is detrimental to them and detrimental to the world, while the tranquility of the righteous is beneficial to them and beneficial to the world. (Sanhedrin 71b as translated by

My political suggestion is based on the assessment that the needs of the hour, call for policies that encourage dispersal of the wicked.

post by Shlomo Scheinman