A Widow of a Murder Victim Comes Out Against the Hostage Deal with Hamas

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Tal Arnon Tamari a widow of a terrorist victim Meir Tamari, complains in a new post that our blood is less valuable than the blood of the hostages. Meir Tamari HY”D was killed in a shooting attack in the north of Shomron less than half a year ago.
The male and female Hamas terrorists that are scheduled to be released in the Hostage Deal are terrorists that tried to kill Jews in the past but were not successful. These terrorists are set to be released into Judea and Samaria.
Based on the experience of the Gilad Shalit hostage deal, it is almost certain that some of these terrorists will do very evil crimes, if they are allowed to walk freely in Judea and Samaria.

Comment: Unity based on putting the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria in danger is a sham. Bibi Netanyahu should lose his job as Prime Minister, as well as the “woke” generals and the spy masters that did such a poor job in defending Israel in the Oct. 7th, Shmini Atzeret Massacre.