A Rare Pro-Israel Rebuke to Senator Ted Cruz on His Expectations from Israel Regarding Ukraine

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The secular Israel Hayom web site reported on March 27, 2022 = 24 Adar II, 5782
Severe criticism by senior officials of Jerusalem’s reluctant policy on the Ukraine war, which Israel Hayom learned, has even reached Republican lawmakers known for their support of the Jewish state. Among them is Lindsey Graham, a veteran supporter of Israel and only congressman who openly criticized Jerusalem’s almost neutral stance on Russia’s aggression. Many also objected to Israel’s policy behind closed doors, due to the country’s refusal to join sanctions against Russia, a move they view as conciliating with its aggression. Israel was also rebuked by Senator Ted Cruz, Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, and others. The criticism was leveled at Jerusalem in closed-door talks between senators, congressmen, and advisers as well as pro-Israel elements operating at Capitol Hill.

This is Vilnagaon.org’s rebuke of Ted Cruz and the others.

  1. Ukraine is not a friend of Israel. Ukraine even under Zelensky supported anti-Israel resolutions at the U.N.
  2. Ukraine to this day honors as national heroes, men that are guilty of the slaughter of tens of thousands of Jews (maybe even hundreds of thousands of Jews. In Ukraine Bohdan Khmelnytsky is a national hero where streets and even a city is named after him and he appears on the national currency. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khmelnytsky_Uprising for some details of Bohdan Khmelnytsky’s atrocities against the Jews.
  3. Zelensky in a video speech to Israel’s legistlature lies about the Holocaust, making it seem as if the Ukrainians were our saviors during the Holocaust, while the opposite is true. The vast majority were willing collaborators with the Nazis.
  4. Biden in his actions in Afghanistan and elsewhere has shown, the USA under Biden is completely unreliable. Worse than that he is close to signing a deal with our mortal enemy Iran that will give them an easy path to develop weapons of mass destruction while removing sanctions from them. The USA is backing down from sanctions on our enemy Iran, but expecting we make an enemy out of Putin by placing sanctions on him. That is Chutzpah!
  5. Putin in comparison to Soviet leaders has been friendly to the Jewish population that lives in Russia (so far). We shouldn’t risk the relatively good relations Putin has with the Jewish community in his land for the benefit of Ukrainian idol worshipers, etc.

If the goal was to remove Russian forces from Syria maybe vilngaon.org would back those efforts for reasons discussed in another post.

If the goal is to remove Russia from Ukraine, Israel should stay out of this struggle and avoid being an active partner in a potential world war that possibly is a threat to Israel and definitely is a threat to our Jewish brothers in Russia.

In the war between Russia and Ukraine it is a war of the bad guys vs the bad guys. Not the bad guys vs. the good guys.