Israeli Elections: Regarding the Right-Wing Party That Polls Are Predicting Has the Bare Minimum To Enter Israel’s Parliament

Israeli Elections: Regarding the Right-Wing Party That Polls Are Predicting Has the Bare Minimum To Enter Israel’s Parliament

There is only one right-wing party running for Israel’s parliament, known as the Knesset, that fundamentally wants to change the security situation in Israel through the Biblical solution of transfer. Other parties might talk tough but are only really interested in cosmetic changes to the strategy in place since the Camp David, land for peace treaty with Egypt. This party is called Otzma Yehudit.

I would prefer different candidates making up the party list and an even stronger position against the evil people, then what I am hearing the party say. But I judge them for the benefit of the doubt; namely, to avoid being banned entirely from the very biased, judicial activist, Supreme Court of Israel, they believe they have reached the legal limit of what can be said without being outlawed and the candidates representing the party are what they believe is the best they can offer under difficult circumstances.

We do find in the Bible that even King David had to lie about his activities in order to save hundreds of Jews, as spelled out in Shmuel I – I Samuel – Chapter 27

From the 5th of Elul to the 10th of Elul , that is to say from September 5 to Sept. 10 I am aware of a poll from Arutz Haknesset, Two polls from Yisrael Hayom, one poll from Kan, one poll from Mano – Geva at Walla news, one poll from Reshet Bet in a program of Kalman Liberman and one poll by ynet, showing the party passing the election thresh-hold of 4 seats. In opposition to voters for the fake right, the people polled are sure they are going to stick to their decision to the very end.

Nevertheless, many are worried and believe that the polls are not reliable and just as there were fake-right parties that polls predicted in the last elections that they would pass the thresh-hold but they didn’t, the same will happpen to Otzma Yehudit and as a result Prime Minister Bibi (Benjamin) Netanyahu will be unable to form a right-wing coalition.
Those that raise this argument assume a number of questionable assumptions.
Such a person assumes that a Bibi government is better for the land of Israel, than one led by a politician, such as, the leader of the Blue and  White party, Benny Gantz. If we assume Gantz will be be similar to Olmert, the corrupt left of center Prime Minister before Bibi, I am not entirely convinced Bibi is the better option.

Both the police forces of Bibi and Olmert carried out a pogrom, against the Jews of Amona (Bibi’s police squad attacked protesters when they were not observed by camera on the bus) but Bibi had wider public support to do evil things to Jewish outposts, while Olmert did not have the public support to continue. The extensive torture of Jews to make a false confession for an inter-Arab clan war at Duma, happened under Bibi’s rule, with the support of Bibi.

from a voanews article using an AP picture depicting the eviction of settlers from Ofra
from a voanews article using an AP picture depicting the eviction of settlers from Ofra by Israeli Police during the years of Netanyahu’s Fake Right rule over Israel

Forgetting the Curse of the Torah

The person who raises the issue of the election thresh-hold forgets a more basic issue, namely, does the program of the government lead to the curse of the Torah mentioned in the last 2 verses of the book of Bamidbar/Numbers chapter 33.

If you do not drive out the land’s inhabitants before you, those who remain shall be barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides, causing you troubles in the land that you settle. I will then do to you what I originally planned to do to them.

I believe the plans of the fake right are leading in that direction and indeed we saw with the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, by the fake right, Likud government of Ariel Sharon, the curse of the Torah, taking place in that section of Biblical Israel.
Now these are the words of the Ramban commentary on those Biblical verses I cited above.

And after that they shall harass you meaning that they will fight against you and bring you under seige, and I will then send you into exile, a whole captivity, in their place. For as I thought to do unto them because of you, that is, to send all of them into exile from the Land, so that you should leave none of them any more there, but you have not hearkened to My voice, therefore so will I do unto you and I will not leave a single one of you in the Land.

Also at the Time of the Establishment of the State of Israel, the Chances for Success Were Slim

The odds for the State of Israel to survive when independence was declared were pretty low. I presented an example of the low odds in the post The 4 pilots that Saved The State of Israel

But after the British revealed in their so-called “White Paper”, their plans to turn all of Israel into an Anti-Semitic Arab state and after the experience of the Holocaust and after the anti-semitic attack on Iraqi Jews, known as the Farhoud that was instigated by the Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem, it was impossible to continue with the old framework.
The 2000 Israelis killed by the Oslo Terror Accords is enough to convince me that it is time to take a risk in order to win.

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