Audio: Unity, Part 2 & A Rebuttal to Rabbi Eliezer Melamed’s Article on Unity by Menachem Gottlieb

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  Among the topics covered: When unity sometimes delays punishments “Leave Ephraim alone” The Lessons of Achav & Yehoshafat and a rebuttal of Rabbi Melamed’s article on unity In the name of unity, Netanyahu has not fired the “woke generals” … Continued

Audio: In the Days of Achav, They Didn’t Have Informers and Won, In the Days of David, They Had Informers and Lost — Menachem Gottlieb

According to the Hebrew news site: The contrast between the victories in the days of Achav and the defeats in the days of David is often portrayed as an issue of “unity”. Menachem Gottlieb’s talk sets the record straight … Continued

Audio: Unity – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Part 1 by Menachem Gottlieb

According to the Hebrew news site: Yisrael Sokol HY”D a soldier who was killed in Gaza recently, had told his father, Yehoshua that once the Left-Wing Generals, Gantz and Eisenkot were brought into the war cabinet, at the expense … Continued

Regarding the Illegally Built Mosque Near the Mercy Gate (Golden Gate) on the Temple Mount that Israel’s High Court Chose to Ignore

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Israel’s High Court of Justice (Bagatz) allows the continuation of lawlessness at the Gate of Mercy (The Golden Gate) Judge Mazuz rejected a request by the Regavim movement to stop the Waqf’s work at the Gate of Mercy • Regavim: … Continued

Anthony Fauci Admits that Part of his Covid Policies Were Not Backed by the Science!

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source: Anthony Fauci has never struggled to speak his mind. But now that he has left government, he is finally speaking at least some of the truth about government policies and Covid. For instance, the six-feet rule for social distancing … Continued

The Phenomenon of Young Secular Women Who Are Ripping Up Their Immodest Clothing and Keeping the Sabbath to Break the Decree of Divine Punishment

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The claim that the Black Sabbath (a secular nickname for the Simchat Torah, Oct. 7th Massacre) was a Divine Punishment settled in quite a few hearts and led to attempts to atone for the sin. Separation of challah events – … Continued

Video: Israel at War #3: Israel and its Relations to the United States by Rabbi Yehuda Hakohen

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Source: Israel at War #3: Israel and its Relations to the United States | Rabbi Yehuda Hakohen —————————– —————————– —————————– Your browser does not support the video tag.