The Potential Damage to Israel, If the Army Abides by the Constraints of Biden

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Date of publication: Thu, 26 October 2023 after sunset = 12th of Cheshvan, 5784 This article is based on part of a larger article by Rabbi Elchanan Rafaeli   Don’t get excited about Biden’s visit to Israel. “For whoever trusts … Continued

On Funding the Ukraine War, Let’s Make A Deal. They Absorb the Gazans in Exchange for Republicans Agreeing to Fund the Ukrainians.

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The Bible as interpreted by Ohr Hachaim, promises that nothing less than full transfer of the Gazan population to a distant land will end the warfare between Israel and Gaza (see, Ohr Hachaim to the Biblical Book of Numbers Chapter … Continued

Robert Stinnet Claims Based on Documents Obtained Through the Freedom of Information Act That Roosevelt Knew the Japanese Would Attack at Pearl Harbor but Intentionally Held Back the Information from the Local Defense Establishment

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Excerpt from According to Robert Stinnett, author of Simon & Schuster’s Day Of Deceit, we have the proof. Stinnett’s book is dedicated to Congressman John Moss, the author of America’s Freedom of Information Act. According to Stinnett, the answers … Continued

Father of Former Minister Ayalet Shaked Injured While Trying to Save Wounded Police Officers from Hamas Terrorists

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  The Hebrew news site Kipa reports: Former Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked shared a personal event that happened to her family, when her father went out to save lives and injured himself. “The state needs to hear the story about … Continued

Oren Evron and Yosef Sebag on the Mathematical Secrets Reflected in the First Verse of Genesis & More

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source: Note the source page has links to approbation Letters by various rabbis. Torah Numerology the final frontier by Yosef Sebag physicist, electrical engineer In this series, we are going to explore what is probably the most perfect sequence … Continued