The Knesset Voted to Partially Reverse the Expulsion (Disengagement) Law from Northern Samaria

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Among the Jewish settlements in Samaria destroyed by Ariel Sharon’s Expulsion (Disengagement) Law was the settlement of Homesh. A new law passed by the Knesset recently, partially reversed the expulsion law. But first a few words about Homesh. Quote from … Continued

The Relationship between the Oil and the Meal Offering as an Indication to Understand the Different Types of Meal Offerings

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An excerpt from the article on the Meal Offerings and Their Implications by Rabbi Moshe Odess in Maalin Bakodesh, issue #2 The Meal Offering Offered by the Sinner By the Sliding-Scale Offering it is stated: (Vayikra / Leviticus 5:11) If … Continued

By Jewish Standards, Trump Took Millions and Maybe Billions of Dollars of Saudi Bribery Money

As pointed out in the post: Regarding the Revolving Door from FDA Regulator to Employment at Pfizer. Does Halacha View this as Bribery? it is considered bribery, both for judges and public servants, to get a gift from interested parties … Continued

Cotton Condemns Democrats’ Attacks Against Netanyahu

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Source: March 07, 2023 There is one foreign leader for whom the Democratic Party seems to reserve special scorn. Leading Democrats have called him a “reactionary,” a “racist,” an “ethno-nationalist.” They’ve accused him of committing “war crimes” and of … Continued