An Audio Lecture by Rabbi Daniel Stein: Should Cannabis Edibles Be Given Kashrut Certification?

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This lecture was originally downloaded from the web site Your browser does not support the audio element. While we are on the subject of Cannabis (Marijuana) I recently found the following article from Marijuana use predicted epigenetic changes … Continued

Rabbi Avraham, the Son of Rambam: Do Not Imitate the Religious Practices of the Gentiles – Even If They Do Not Serve Idolatry.

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Excerpt from Is Rambam For or Against Jews Participating in the Iftar Feast at the Home of Salim Jabbar, Head of the Abu Ghosh Council. A prominent rabbi tried to defend the participation of Jews in the Iftar Religious feast … Continued

At This Stage in Time Senator Ted Cruz Seems To Be More Pro-Israel Than Donald Trump

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Donald Trump was in favor of some modified version of the Oslo Terror Accords called by leftists, the Oslo Peace Accords, that is to say, a 2 State Solution. See: Yesha Council Chairman David Elhayani said Trump’s Peace … Continued

Biblical Zionists Should Request The Removal of Russian Forces From Syria. The Bible Says the Area Between the Nile and Euphrates Should Go to Israel.

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Excerpt from The Sequence of The 6 Biblical Days of Creation In Light of Science . Precedents For A Gap In Time Between A Divine Decree and Its Fulfillment; such as the Promise Made to Avraham (Abraham) That One Day … Continued

Rambam’s View Regarding The 13 Fundamental Beliefs and the Foundational Principles of Our Religion

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Translation of Rambam’s commentary to the Mishna, Sanhedrin 10:1 as provided by The first principle To believe in the existence of the Creator, may He be blessed, and that is that there is a Being complete in all the … Continued