Why Did Caphtor Vapherach Not Explicitly Mention the “Dome of the Rock” in contrast to the Disciple of Ramban who lived in the same generation or Rabbi Binyamin of Tudela (a contemporary of Rambam) Who Did Explicitly Mention the Dome of the Rock?

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The fact that the phrase “Dome of the Rock” does not appear explicitly in the writings of the Caphtor Vapherach, is brought by advocates of the Southern Location of the Temple on Mount Moriah as evidence that that Caphtor Vapherach … Continued

Sandak protest: Display mounted in Jerusalem

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source: https://www.honenu.org/sandak-protest-display-mounted-in-jerusalem dwaldman33  Nov 21, 2021 (~17 Kislev 5782) Sandak protest: Display mounted in Jerusalem Updated: 7 days ago The display; Photo credit: Mateh Yehudi Lo Horeg Yehudi Honenu is representing those who are insisting on the investigation of the death … Continued

A Rejection of the Proofs That Caphtor Vapherach Supported the Southern Theory of the Temple’s Location on Mount Moriah

This article is a continuation of the post entitled: Caphtor Vapherach and the Theory of the Architect Tuvia Sagiv and a little about Asher Kaufman’s Views about the Temple Mount. In that post strong evidence was brought to show that … Continued

Bari Weiss Notes: Jewish Victims Are Forgotten and Overlooked Because They Are Not the Right Kind of Jews. And Because They Weren’t Beaten or Killed by the Right Kind of Antisemites.

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See Being Jewish in an Unraveling America by Bari Weiss. In the article it is noted that sympathy for attacks on Jews depends on the agenda of the attackers and what type of Jew is attacked. One point the author … Continued

According to a New Journalistic Investigation: Israel Has “A Big Brother” Problem. The Police Spied on the Phones of Harmless Citizens Without Authorization.

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The Hebrew Web Site https://www.bhol.co.il/news/1327666 reports (translation by Vilnagoan.org): Police have in recent years hacked into civilians’ phones using NSO’s Pegasus spyware, without a court order or a judge’s supervision. This was reported this morning (Tuesday) in an investigation by … Continued


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Quote from https://www.cruz.senate.gov/newsroom/blogs/texas-pays-the-price-as-the-biden-border-crisis-continues  PUBLISHED:09.09.2021 TEXAS PAYS THE PRICE AS THE BIDEN BORDER CRISIS CONTINUES Greetings,   In the last seventh months alone, we’ve seen over a million people cross illegally into this country, and we are now on pace for … Continued

The Reason that the Torah Starts with Genesis (Breishit) and Not Exodus (Shmot) 12:2 According to Rashi

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Translation based on https://www.sefaria.org.il/Genesis.1.2?lang=he&aliyot=0&p2=Rashi_on_Genesis.1.1.1&lang2=en&w2=all&lang3=en The First Comment by Rashi on the Torah בראשית IN THE BEGINNING — Rabbi Isaac said: The Torah which is the Law book of Israel should have commenced with the verse (Exodus 12:2) “This month shall … Continued