Kitzur Shulchan Aruch on How Should We View A Person Who Committed Suicide & Other Wicked People That Died

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Translation from: Siman 201 A person who commits suicide is unsurpassed in wickedness, as it is said, “However of the blood of your souls, I will demand an account.”1Genesis 9:5. The world was created for a single person, (to … Continued

Chatam Sofer’s Explanation: Why Did Moshe {Moses} Intervene to Save the Daughters of the Sheik of Midian From the Shepherds

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Shmot / Exodus Chapter 2: as translated by 2:16 The sheik of Midian had seven daughters, who came to draw water. As they were beginning to fill the troughs and water their father’s sheep, 2:17 other shepherds came and … Continued

Yesha Council Chairman David Elhayani said Trump’s Peace Plan Was Intended Only to Bring About the Establishment of a Palestinian State and Would Eventually Lead to the Evacuation of Tens of Thousands of Settlers.

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Excerpt from: Yesha Chairman: Sovereignty Must Not Be Connected to Trump Peace Plan September 10, 2020 by AFSI Staff Yesha Council Chairman David Elhayani called for the replacement of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with a new leader whose actions … Continued

Colchicine – According to BMJ Journals – Initial Trials Show the Drug Helps Reduce the Death Rate From Covid-19

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Excerpt from Colchicine Historical perspective Although colchicine first received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration in 2009, its modern use dates back two centuries. Indeed, papyri dating from 1500 BC describe the use of colchicine’s source plant—Colchicum … Continued

In a Recent Interview Donald Trump “Doubles Down” On His Support for the Oslo Terror Accords {called by leftists: “Peace Accords”}

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In an article by the Jewish Press entitled: What Else Did Trump Have to Say about Bibi? it was reported: Over the weekend, News12 revealed a great deal more about the Trump-Netanyahu relationship, which may throw new light on more … Continued

Now The Pragmatic Confirmation of Our Moral Objections to Trump’s Abraham Accords Are Coming to the Surface

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In the past the writers that contribute to have raised a number of serious objections to President Trump’s Abraham Accords. For example see: Land for Peace, A Major Sin In Avraham’s (Abraham’s) Time and to Separate Holy From Secular, … Continued