Caphtor Vapherach and the Theory of the Architect Tuvia Sagiv and a little about Asher Kaufman’s Views about the Temple Mount

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The researcher Asher Kaufman advocated the theory that the Holy of Holies is located in place of a dome supported by pillars located north of the Dome of the Rock and known as the “Dome of the Spirits”. The natural … Continued

A Message to My Jewish Readers – What Will You Answer When Asked at the Time of Judgement, “Did You Look Forward to My Salvation?”

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Behold it is known that a person has to look forward towards the salvation of Hashem that the Glory of his Kingdom will be revealed in the world. As our sages stated (Shabbat 31a) that the (heavenly court) asks a … Continued

Breishit / Genesis 49:5 ‘Shimon and Levi are brothers; instruments of crime are their wares’. According to Ohr Hachaim: This Is A Rebuke of Their Attempt to Kill Yosef (Joseph).

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For the sake of ease I will rely on the translation of when presenting the views of Ohr Hachaim regarding Breishit / Genesis 49:5-7 שמעון ולוי אחים, Shimon and Levi are brothers, etc. Jacob stressed the fact that Shimon … Continued

Who is more likely to be infected by Covid-19 the Vaccinated or Unvaccinated? A Look at the Surprising British Data from Moshe Feiglin’s Facebook Page.

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source: Since the official stats do show much more infection among children who were not vaccinated than the vaccinated, one should see also: Deaths from COVID ‘incredibly rare’ among children before jumping to a conclusion. It should be noted … Continued

According to Rambam – We Refrain From Eating the Sciatic Nerve – Not Because of Any Prophetic Commandment by Yaakov (Jacob) But Because of the Prophetic Commandment Given by Hashem to Moshe (Moses)

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The last Mishna in Chapter 7 of Chulin as translated by states: The prohibition of eating the sciatic nerve applies to a kosher animal and does not apply to a non-kosher animal. Rabbi Yehuda says: It applies even to … Continued

Israel Foolishly Risks Lives and Diplomatic Relations with Ethiopia to Import More Fake Jews from Ethiopia into the Holy Land

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Translation of an excerpt of an article at Unbelievable: This year, Israel secretly smuggled dozens of Ethiopian civilians in a civil war into Israel as part of a rescue operation, and after arriving in Israel, it became clear that … Continued

Why I Tend to Believe that Rivka Was 14 Years Old (Or More) When She Married Yitzchak (Isaac) Who Was 40 at the Time of the Wedding (Breishit / Genesis 25:20)

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Rabbi Jack Abramowitz in an article entitled Did Rivkah Really Get Married At Three Years Old? states: The Sifri says that Rivka was 14 when she married Yitzchak. This is the position accepted by the Seder Olam, whose entire raison … Continued