Is Rambam For or Against Jews Participating in the Iftar Feast at the Home of Salim Jabbar, Head of the Abu Ghosh Council

A prominent rabbi tried to defend the participation of Jews in the Iftar Religious feast of Gentiles by the stating that Rambam holds, the religion of Salim Jabbar is not idolatry. My counterclaim is that even Rambam would forbid the … Continued

How Does the Yishmaelite Religion Violate the Restrictions Against Foreign Worship (Idolatry)

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One first has to investigate if there is a prohibition to the Yishmaelites in their belief system according to our Torah. Then we will explain if there is a distinction between the Yishmaelites and the other nations as far as … Continued

Fire Starts on the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

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Picture from a You Tube Video on the topic See or for more details. It appears the enemy was responsible for the fire, however, the truth of the matter is, that it is a desirable goal to remove … Continued