Rabbi Shabtai Sabato: Let us not rely on A Miracle – Regarding the Dozens Killed & Injured in Meron on Lag B’Omer

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The following is an English translation of words of condolence and rebuke of Rabbi Shabtai Sabato, head of Yeshivat Mitzpe Yericho   The rabbi wrote to his students in the wake of the disaster about the duty to guard against … Continued

Hearing Aids on Shabbat, Yes – But All Varieties of Microphone Technologies, No?

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Quote from: https://www.zomet.org.il/eng/?CategoryID=198&ArticleID=283#b5 6. Hearing Aids Contemporary poskim have permitted the use of hearing aids (which are actually small microphones and amplifiers) on Shabbat, and were seemingly unconcerned with the problem of electricity. The Tzitz Eliezer (vol. 6, 6:6) summarizes: … Continued

Florida Governor Issues Order Banning ‘Vaccine Passports’ and Bibi Netanyahu’s Lack of Ability to Win a Clear Majority in the Latest Israeli Election

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According to https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/1962347/florida-governor-issues-order-banning-vaccine-passports.html Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order Friday banning businesses from requiring customers to show proof they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to get service. The Republican governor had previously announced his intent to … Continued