Under the Guise of Providing Health Care – Israel Committed Crimes Against Yemenite Jews in the Early Years of the State and Will Provide Compensation

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According to the Hebrew site Kipa Israel agreed last Monday to pay 162 million shekels as reparation payments to Yemenite families for the abuses they suffered under the guise of health care. According to Janglo.net For the first time ever, … Continued

According to the World Health Organization Currently 180 Vaccines Are in Various Stages of Development Against Covid-19, The Pfizer Vaccine Pushed by Israel’s Health Ministry is Neither the Safest or the Most Effective One

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According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_vaccine As of February 2021, 66 vaccine candidates are in clinical research, including 17 in Phase I trials, 23 in Phase I–II trials, 6 in Phase II trials, and 20 in Phase III trials.[2] Trials for four other … Continued

Andrew Mccarthy, a Right-wing Anti-Trumper Admits that Officer Sicknick Was Not Killed by a Fire-extinguisher During the Pro-Trump Capitol Hill Riot.

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source: https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/02/the-times-corrects-the-record-on-officer-sicknicks-death-sort-of/ Andrew Mccarthy a right-wing Anti-Trumper admits that Officer Sicknick was not killed by a fire-extinguisher during the pro-Trump Capitol Hill Riot. Sicknick was able to get back to his office from the siege, later told his brother he … Continued