Joe Biden’s Biological Grandson is Jewish. Who Does the Pidyon Haben, the Grandson or the Maternal Grandfather?

What is Pidyon Haben? I will quote from an article written about 14 years ago at for a definition: Redemption of the (First-Born) Son; by Biblical command, at the age of 30 days, when the son has established a … Continued

Good News: Pollard Has Been Released From House Arrest and Seems To Be Free To Travel To Israel

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quote from Press Release from Attorneys for Jonathan J. Pollard November 20, 2020 Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP 101 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10178 (212) 696-6000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STATEMENT OF ELIOT LAUER AND JACQUES SEMMELMAN … Continued

Ch. 1 of Kings which is Read in the Synagogue after “Chayei Sarah”- Describes the Attempt of Adoniyahu to Deprive Shlomo/Solomon of the Right To Be King

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source: Haftarah for Chayei Sarah by Rabbi Jack Abramowitz OU Torah Haftarah Haftarah for Chayei Sarah Rabbi Jack Abramowitz I Kings 1:1-31 King David had grown old and was showing his age. They covered him with blankets, but he still … Continued