A Senior Official In The Israeli Government Appointed Chief Rabbinate Is on Trial for Issuing Kashrut Certificates in Exchange for Bribes

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https://www.jewishpress.com/news/israel/religious-secular-in-israel-israel/chief-rabbinate-senior-official-on-trial-for-issuing-kashrut-certificates-in-exchange-for-bribes/2020/06/23/ Rabbi Yitzhak Cohen Arazi, a former senior Chief Rabbinate official who was in charge of issuing kashrut certificates to imported products, will face criminal indictments in court next week for receiving bribes worth NIS 150,000 ($44,000) over several years. … Continued

The “I Can’t Breathe Plague” For the Spies That Spoke Against Israeli Conquest of the Holy Land

Translation of Sotah page 35 https://www.sefaria.org.il/Sotah.35a.13?lang=bi The verse states: “And those men who brought out an evil report of the land, died by the plague before the Lord” (Numbers 14:37). Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish says: This means that they died … Continued

The God of Israel’s Hand in Nature and History By Ariel Natan Pasko

The God of Israel’s Hand in Nature and History By Ariel Natan Pasko Just recently, the Jewish people experienced the Revelation of God at Mount Sinai, AGAIN!The holiday of Shavuot just occurred. Jewish holidays are called a Moed, a private … Continued

An Agreement Should Be Made With the U.S.A. to Grant Jewish Prisoners the Option to Sit In Israeli Jails Instead of U.S.A. Jails

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Excerpt from Rabbi Yissachar S. Teichtal (H”YD) A Victim of the Holocaust, Explains Why Hashem Let It Happen Q: Does Jewish law obligate Jews to live in Israel, even before the arrival of the Messiah? A: Rabbi Yissachar Teichtal in … Continued