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2 State Solution is a Code Word For Expelling Jews from More Parts of Israel

On 5th Iyar 5680 (April 23, 1920), the heads of the Allied Powers who had won the First World War – led by Britain, France and Italy – met in San Remo for an international convention, the purpose of which was to re-organize the world after the war.
The convention adopted the Balfour Declaration and gave it international validity, “recognition of the historic right of the Jewish people to return to their ancient homeland.” Britain received the mandate over Eretz Yisrael, which meant taking responsibility for helping the Jewish people establish their national home in accordance with the Balfour Declaration.
The San Remo Conference also stated that the national home of the Jewish people would stretch over all of Eretz Yisrael on both sides of the Jordan River.
Ever since then “the so-called friends” of Israel have been using 2 state solutions to deprive the Jews of their land, without ever really bringing peace to the region. Britain started the first 2 state solution by slicing off 78% of the land promised to the Jews at San Remo and gave it, namely the territory of Jordan, to one of the many enemies of Israel. Was a gift of 78% enough to keep them out from war with Israel? No! The Arab Muslims just used the state as a more effective tool to attack Israel during Israel’s War for Independence and during the 6 Day War.
Since that time there have been more and more attempts to buy peace with the Arabs by slicing away more and more land from the San Remo borders or from the borders that Israel gained from wars of defense.
None of these 2 State plans have ever worked and G-d promises us that they will not work, as explained at great length in Kol Hator .
One may study Kol Hator in depth by going to another post at this site

What  Expulsions of Jews Did the Camp David Peace Treaty  Cause?

In a direct way as part of the deal the Begin government uprooted the Jewish settlements in the Sinai such as Yamit as part of the Camp David treaty and it promised “autonomy rights” for the so-called Palestinians, which led the way to future retreats. In an indirect way they caused the expulsion of Jews from parts of South Tel Aviv, because the new borders with Egypt made it easy for tens of thousands of African Migrants to illegally enter Israel and taking over parts of South Tel Aviv by turning those areas into crime ridden slums, which many Israeli Jews try to avoid.

What Expulsions of Jews Did the Oslo 2 State Solution Cause?

Removal of the Jewish presence from parts of the so-called West Bank and Gaza. Loss of full control and a yeshiva by Yosef’s (Joseph’s) tomb.

What Did the Diplomatic Efforts of George W. Bush for a 2 State Solution Cause?

The Removal of Jewish Settlements of Gush Katif, Neitzarim, Northern Gaza and parts of Shomron. It’s true that Bush might have preferred that the secular terrorists took over instead of the religious terrorists of Hamas, but when a powerful individual asks a person to make concessions to the mafia, one does not necessarily choose the least damaging option. Especially when the ultra-left judicial system was blackmailing then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to deliver something immediate to weaken Religious Zionism or face corruption charges. It should also be pointed out that Hamas did not immediately come to power after the Gaza expulsion. It was the Bush concept of Arab Democracy rights, that brought Hamas to power by elections, with their control later cemented by violence.

In my article Why G-d Let Bin-Laden Succeed! I showed how George W. Bush was pushing the 2 state solution even after the attack on the World Trade Center. Even after the disaster of the Hamas takeover of Gaza, Bush was still pushing the 2 state solution to expel more Jews from Israel at the Annapolis Conference

Can We Count on Bibi to Make a Good Agreement?

To quote David Wilder at

 In the past, prior to the 1997 Hebron Accords which split the city,  the hill to the south of Hebron”s Jewish community, known as Abu Sneneh was readily accessible to Jewish visitors. However when Hebron was divided, this area was transferred to Arab control. On the brink of the hill, overlooking the city, a ”joint” Israeli – Arab patrol, in two jeeps, kept a constant lookout over the city. However, when the second Intifada, or the Oslo War, as we call it, began, the Israeli jeep disappeared and the Arabs stayed. The hill became a source of shooting attacks on the Jewish community for two and a half years. It was from this hill that Shalhevet Pass was shot and killed….

Civilians don”t have frequent access to this site; once a year, during the eight days of Hanukkah, a large Menorah, built on the edge of the hill, is lit nightly. That”s about the only time during the year we make the climb up the hill (in a jeep, not by foot)…

Back in 1996-1997 Hebron”s Jewish community pulled just about every string possible to prevent the accords from being signed and implemented. We made a movie showing the bloody results of shooting from Abu Sneneh. We were labeled as paranoid scaredy cats. After all, peace had arrived. Then Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu promised his hesitant ministers, ”if one shot is fired at them, I”ll send up the tanks. You think I”d endanger the life of one Jew in Hebron?!?”
Endanger he did. Two and half years of gunfire, until the tanks were sent in.  And of course he was no longer Prime Minister when the shooting started, or when it ended.
So the big question is, in my mind, what”s next? If this Prime Minister was able to send hundreds of killers home-free, for one Israeli soldier, how much guts, or despair, would it take to give Abu Sneneh back to the Arabs? How much American/UN/European/Russian/ pressure would it take to roll back the clock to the days pre-Oslo War, in Hebron and throughout Judea and Samaria?

Trump Moved the Embassy to Jerusalem – Can We Count on Trump for a Good Deal?

First of all Trump is not going to be President forever and the possibility of an anti-Israel politician coming to power in the not so distant future is very real. See my post 27 percent of Democrats sympathize with Israel over the situation regarding the Palestinians vs. 79 percent of Republicans.

But even Trump’s Pro-Israel gestures are so far highly overrated.

For example see

Despite the United States recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December and relocating its embassy from Tel Aviv in May, Americans born in Jerusalem are still unable to list “Jerusalem, Israel” on U.S. passports.

written by Shlomo Moshe Scheinman
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