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reprint of a post from Sun, 26 November 2023 after sunset = 14th of Kislev, 5784

Besides Bibi Netanyahu, Aharon Haliva Should Be Blamed for the Shmini Atzeret / Oct. 7th Massacre

Bibi Netanyahu

These security prisoners are the heads of Hamas that carried out the recent massacre.

  • Bibi Netanyahu before the recent massacre on several different occasions accepted a cease-fire after Hamas launched tens of thousands of missiles on Israel. By failing to “finish the job” when he had the opportunity, Netanyahu enabled Hamas to rearm and reorganize for the massacre attack.
  • Netanyahu voted for expelling the Jewish presence in Gaza in the so-called Disengagement plan, which was a necessary step leading to Hamas gaining power.
  • Netanyahu enabled the appointment of woke generals and spy masters who performed so poorly in the current crisis.
  • When it harms a 2-state solution Netanyahu feels free to ignore the courts and not dismantle the illegal (Arab) settlement of Khan al-Ahmar. But when Judicial Activist judges issued rulings that harmed Jewish settlements or harmed the army’s ability to shoot the enemy, Netanyahu followed those rulings without deviating.
  • Between ceasefires Bibi allowed Gazans to work in Israel. These Gazans spied on Israel and gave the information to Hamas. They also provided economic support for the Hamas war machine. Bibi also allowed massive economic aid into Gaza.

Aharon Haliva’s Role in the Disaster

source: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/380907

IDF Intelligence Directorate was warned of attack

A detailed report on the planned invasion was given to the head of IDF Intelligence, who did not pass it on to his superiors.

Channel 12 News reports that the attack was originally planned for last Passover Eve, but the IDF detected signs of the attack and raised its alert level to the point that Hamas cancelled the attack.

Hamas was concerned that the IDF had succeeded in infiltrating the command structure and ranks of their organization and worried about the plan leaking out.

Two days ago, it was reported that a senior officer of the IDF’s SIGINT unit 8200 had warned that Hamas was planning a large-scale invasion of Israel. The officer discovered Hamas’s operational plan, which was eventually the one used, and shared the information with senior officials in 8200 and the Southern Command.

The officer warned her direct superior, who cancelled her vacation to warn the head of the Intelligence Directorate, Aharon Haliva, when he visited the unit’s base. Haliva disregarded the report and did not pass the information to the head of the ISA or the Chief of Staff.


For those that read Hebrew, click here, to read about other examples of gross negligence or worse, that led to the successful attack by the enemy.

According to https://www.jdn.co.il/blog/2084436/
Haliva is against the Hesder Yeshiva track for students who wish to combine Torah study with army service and openly says he discriminates against Hesder students from becoming officers. Haliva fought against Torah shiurim for army soldiers under his control and stated that Gaza would be quiet for the next several years and the biggest threat is the climate crisis.

He was also a supporter of the deal to give up Israeli rights to offshore natural gas to Lebanon, with the thinking that improving their economy is an Israeli national interest.

After the attack of Hamas he said as head of the Intelligence Directorate he bears part of the responsibility for the attack. But he did not go into a detailed explanation why he bears responsibility.

Haliva Must Be Fired From His Job Immediately! There Are Signs that Jordan Might Be Tempted to Join the War Against Israel and We Want Someone We Can Trust in the Intelligence Directorate

On a Twitter site Elisha Yered posted a video of the gun shots that can be heard from the training drills of the Jordanian Army near Israel’s border. I will translate what Elisha Yered wrote:

This is how the training of the Jordanian army, which is by the fences, sounds tonight at Kibbutz Ashdot Ya’akov.

According to the residents, the intense training that began after the outbreak of the war worsens night by night and includes massive shooting and large forces that have not been seen in the area for decades.
In recent nights, the Jordanian army mysteriously began to drive in convoys near the fence with the vehicles honking for long minutes. In the kibbutz they wonder if this is a deliberate provocation.

In any case, the army defines the training as “normal” and ignores the concerns of the residents, which grow stronger day by day.

New Addition

Caroline Glick just published a new article providing more details why Aharon Haliva is to blame for the massacre and why he must be fired now! See her article:

Aharon Haliva has got to go. Now.

An intelligence chief who publicly rejects the government’s characterization of a war, whose poor professional judgment led to catastrophe and who has a history of contemptuous insubordination simply cannot be trusted.

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